At The Caring Cotton we are focused in sustainable fashion with a deep caring and understanding for artisan work, fair labour and the environment.
With more than 15 years experience in sourcing and producing fabrics and garments, our team works for a slower fashion that also provides help to designers and brands by sourcing according to their needs, having the option of low minimums and creating long-term relationships.
The Caring Cotton upholds the livelihood of the local artisans who are skilled in their field of art. By using surface design methods that are kind to the environment, we also make sure that the carbon footprint of our fabrics leave little to no mark on the globe. We are involved in designing and setting up a sustainable supply chain for fabrics and garments. Our fabrics are handcrafted, supporting slow and ethical fashion whilst trying to bring about the promotion of Indian textiles and local art.

Our Fabrics

A set of fabrics designed by us to suit different purposes. In Organic Cotton and yarn dyed in Natural Dyes.

Base Fabrics

Our range of fabrics include organic cotton, khadi, linen, silk or nettle. And we are constantly searching for new textures and designs.

The Pool

A variety of fabrics to order jointly with other designer/brands to achieve the necessary MOQ’s to obtain a certified sustainable and ethical fabric.

We work with a wide range of manufacturers with whom we have a long-term relationship.

We can, therefor, lower minimums and maintain constant quality checking.