“We Care that You Care”


Artisans are an inspiration for The Caring Cotton. We are passionate for creating fabrics with block printers, hand-loom weavers, traditional embroiderers and natural dyers.

We support artisans through understanding of their life styles and processes and promoting and preserving Indian textiles heritage.


We work with natural fibers such as organic cotton, khadi cotton, ahimsa silk, linen or nettle. We use natural dyes for our fabrics.

Natural dyes can be challenging for the fashion industry. It is important to follow storage and washing care instructions.


We are committed to the artisans we work with. We work for fair wages and eliminate extra costs.

Long term relationships are important to maintain trust and transparency.

Women Artisans HUB

The Caring Cotton is working on creating a center for women artisans, where they can learn and master different techniques. The center will be a collaborative space for designers and women artisans to learn from each other.

We care to make sustainable fashion happen in a framework where environmental and social aspects are gaining more consumer interest.

Our objective is to Transmit, Collaborate and Develop. Sustainable fashion is not a one time order, but it needs to build up over time.

We have worked developing products in organic cotton, natural dyes and handcrafted materials. Managed the production chain of these products to achieve high environmental and ethical standards. Always promoting a chemical free product.

Our work has also lead us to creating learning programs in natural dyes, hand-loom and embroidery with master craftsmen in India. We have developed ethical and environmental standards that we put at our clients reach to decide on the best producer for their needs. We love to combine passion for design with our experience in environmental and social aspects, and putting these experiences in concept designing.



After more than 10 years working at The Colours of Nature, a dye house in Tamil Nadu – India, Ruby feels the need to go back to her origins. She started her career assisting her mom in a training center for women. There she would teach embroidery.

Now it is time to work with women again, in a fashion world were men are at the top and women are just considered helpers.



Self taught designer with 10 years experience in environmental and quality certifications, he will not only ensure social and environmental aspects, but he will show them to you.

Tired of the corporate world he moved to India to work on projects that made a difference. In the process he fell in love with fabrics and their possibilities using natural dyes.

Now he has founded Ekome Studio.

We have a DREAM.

A place where women can become Masters at their work.

A place where women can decide their future.

A place where women are not tied to an economical slaved society.

A place that provides women the instruments, economical and social, so as to aspire and dream on something else other than the future of their kids.

A place where women can aspire to be free women.