Shades of Indigo by Möethika

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5 KM into Andra Pradesh from the Tamil Nadu border we find Nagari. A small town famous for its textile industry. A textile industry that has been mechanized over the years destroying the livelihood of many families used to doing beautiful fabrics in hand looms. The economy, the fast fashion, our western demands, have obliged them to shift to shuttle loom, or how we like to call it, Vintage Loom, in order to keep up with the hard achieving timings of designers, retailers, and the fashion industry in itself. Warp is done by hand while the weft is done by the shuttle. Differently from hand loom, they have to starch the thread to provide it of the needed strength.

Back in 2004 a couple of young girls on their 20’s working for our supplier went on a one day adventure of finding weavers in Tamil Nadu. They couldn’t imagine they would end up traveling 180 km, which in India at that time was like a 4 hour drive on a public bus, and spending the night at the home of a weaving family with 4 looms all the way in Andra Pradesh. And since then the relationship with Nagari Vintage Loom weavers has survived.



Many colorful fabrics, yarn dyed in Natural Dyes, in checks, stripes, or in solid colours, have been woven by family weavers within Nagari. The latest collection, in beautiful solid Indigo blue, checks and stripes have become part of the motivation of Clara Mallart for her Möethika’s Shades of Indigo collection.




Dresses and shirts for the comfy summer right ahead of us, beautifully detailed with wooden buttons and laces.










And we shall not forget the dresses, sweaters and t-shirts in recycled cotton produced in no more, no less than Barcelona.


We already welcomed Clara Mallart into The Caring Cotton family, and now we feel we have to share it with you all.

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