Textile Development



The possibilities in fabric development are immense. From fiber to weaving technique the variety is very extensive. We work mainly with organic cotton and natural dyes. Our organic cotton is always GOTS certified providing transaction certificate if required. Natural dyes are not GOTS certified so far. GOTS certified dyes are low impact dyes which are not natural and do contain chemicals though within tolerance established limits.

We like to work mainly with artisans from throughout India. Though certain fabrics can only be obtained via industrialized processes like auto looms and knit auto looms. The quality of the fabric does not depend on the kind of loom used, but the kind of loom will affect the texture and feeling of fabric. However, it will still be a strong durable fabric.

The options we offer are:

  • Natural (ecru) vintage loom fabrics
  • Yarn dyed (natural dyes) vintage loom fabrics
  • Yarn dyed (natural dyes) knit fabrics
  • Natural (ecru) khadi loom fabrics
  • Yarn dyed khadi loom fabrics

We will be experimenting in the future with natural dyes and yarn in both khadi loom and silk both woven and knit.

Surface Designing

We LOVE designing!

Whether you want to purchase one of our designs or need consulting in a particular designing technique, we are glad to help. And if you only need us to produce your designs, we will happily do so too.

We specialize in the following techniques:

  • Embroidery
  • Shashiko
  • Tye & Dye
  • Shibori
  • Screen Printing
  • Block Printing

As always, we encourage the use of Natural Dyes, so make sure to take a look at the palette and fastness chart.