Sustainable Textiles

Natural Fibers

The main focus of our brand and philosophy is sustainability. This is why we work only with natural fibers. We would also work with recycled fabrics such as cotton or polyester, but the minimum quantities are usually too high for our clients, so we have momentarily discarded them.

Within the range of natural fibers we can source a pretty decent variety. However, we do not usually stock everything, so such fabrics will depend on minimum quantities and availability from our suppliers. Transparency is key to our organization, and that is why we can assure we will do our best to source you that fabric in that quantity, but we will never guarantee it, and we will keep you informed of the full picture.

With 15 years experience we have a supply chain able to obtain a wide variety of fabrics. We a constant search few new suppliers and new fabrics, always looking at possibilities of dead stock or running material. But when this option is not possible new product needs to be made according to certain minimum quantities. Sometimes, should the fabric be of our interest, we can look into absorbing part of the minimum amount in order to help our clients.

Some of the fabrics we work with are:

  • Organic Cotton
  • Khadi Cotton
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Hemp
  • Nettle
  • Tencel

Sustainable Dyes

We take very seriously the difference with GOTS certified dyes and Natural Dyes. And within natural dyes the are differences that should be made clear as well. Unfortunately, the natural dyes we work with are not GOTS certified as of now. However, we do encourage their use. But we do not close the door to the very viable option of GOTS certified dyes.

Whereas natural dyes have a limited, but lovely, variety of shades, GOTS certified dyes can be of any hue. And in a fast changing fashion, to be able to adapt is key, and these dyes become very handy.

Tradition, Technology & Experience

We can source fabrics from many different suppliers all over India. From the traditional khadi weavers in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, to the modern and technology driven weaving communities in Tamil Nadu. Each fabric has a purpose, and the ability to combine auto loomed fabrics with textured hand loomed ones is always a pleasant sight.

Truth be told though, we do have a special fondness for traditional artisan weavers whom we always try to help.

But we can’t deny the fact that thanks to modern technology we have managed to develop naturally dyed yarn dyed knit in excellent condition.