Production Development

Sourcing and Set-Up

There are many kinds of suppliers out there. So how to find the right one for your needs. We not only help you to find the right supplier for your quantities, quality and social needs, but we will help you feel comfortable with them and establish, if possible, a long-term relationship.

We have had the chance to work with big brands and start-up designers, having to procure different suppliers with different characteristics. A supplier that does 2000 to 3000 pieces without loosing quality, or another supplier that can only do 150 pieces and maintain a certain quality. We consider all the details in order to search for the right supplier for each brand, whether it is stitching, surface designing, dyeing or other sorts.



In our search for transparency, we not only help you establish a connection with our suppliers if you are in India, but we will do the follow-up of your production if you find communication to be a problem. We will step in from the beginning, or halfway through, in order for your production to be achieved on time.

Our priority is that both parties are happy and forgo a long-term relationship that can bring benefits to both sides.