What is The Funding Experience?

The Funding Experience is your chance to join your order of a fabric with that of other designers and brands to achieve MOQ’s.


How does it work?

It is a crowdfunding solution for those fabrics which you would love to use in your next collection but you are not interested or can’t afford our MOQ’s. It basically works like a pre-order, however, if we do not reach the necessary MOQ we will not produce and return the money back. Because we usually get very little notice from our suppliers the product is available for a very limited time period which can range from 5-15 days. Initially only products that reach their funding goal will be produced, though we can make exceptions if we decide to chip in.


Why should I participate?

It’s a new collaborative way to produce sustainable fabrics.

And you can learn how your fabric was made, as we will be facilitating information and graphics when and whatever stage is possible, so you can relate to all the people involved in the making of the that fabric. What is the story of your fabric?


How long does it take to deliver products?

We care that you care, and caring means not only on the environment, but also on the artisans that produce the fabrics we promote. This is why we do not pressure our suppliers on delivery dates. Generally, we should account for an estimate shipping date that ranges between 8 to 10 weeks. However, because we only produce in India, there are a whole bunch of causes that can delay production, monsoons, festivals, weddings, you name it. Should there be any delay, you will be notified on the status.


When am I actually billed?

We’ll charge you upon checkout.


What happens if a fabric doesn’t reach its MOQ?

In case a fabric doesn’t reach it’s MOQ, we might still want to fund it. However, if we do not fund it, we will get in touch with you for a full refund.


Is there any other way I can have access to the fabric?

Only in the case we decide to chip in a particular fabric, will that fabric being funded be available for small quantities at a retail price.