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Sustainability can't be conceived as a trend. Instead, it should be part of your life-style. Only when we focus ourselves in that direction will sustainable and ethical fashion head towards true global change.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to act as a bridge between Indian textile practices and fashion designers around the world. We are fully invested in leaving as little trace on the earth as possible. Therefore, we specialize in natural dyed textiles, and promote and support the use of organic cotton. After 15 years setting up a sustainable supply chain in India, now we want to share our sustainable fabrics with the rest of the world. We support a sustainable and ethical fashion, for instance, through low minimums and working with micro-workshops and social enterprises.
Sustainable and ethical production

Sustainable and Ethical Standards

We are dedicated to working towards a sustainable and ethical future in fashion. This is why we use natural dyes, organic material, provide lower minimum order quantities (MOQ) for our clients, and work to preserve the artisanship of India through women. The use of our newly pioneered method of natural dyeing uses zero harmful chemicals. As a result, it provides the designer with a large variety of color options and the experience of a dye that is not yet on the market.

sustainable dyes

Transparency & Communication

We have developed trusting relationships with suppliers of natural yarn, raw fabric, dyeing services, and printing services. These long-term relationships allow us to be fully transparent about the origin and contents of our fabrics. But also, it holds our suppliers ethically and sustainably accountable.


The Caring Cotton dedicates to providing sustainable textiles of the highest quality by guaranteeing durability and lasting color. One of the ways in which we do this is through the ready for dyeing (RFD) process. We guarantee a product that accurately represents our clients’ vision. By attention to detail and triple-checking products for perfection before they are sent to you.

sustainable and ethical fashion

Our Team

More than 15 years of consulting work, helping businesses achieve their environmental goals. Working in projects to promote circular economy via sustainable energies. Passionate of fashion, natural dyes and artisanal work.
Erik Conesa

Sustainability Manager



She is the face and soul of The Caring Cotton. She will guide you all the way through. More than 20 years in the fashion business, working with top level suppliers and artisans all over India.
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