Frequently Asked Questions

Know a little bit more about our services in our Frequently Asked Questions.

General Questions

Are you a manufacturing facility?

No, we are not a manufacturing facility nor do we own any manufacturing facility we work with. We act as a liaison between you and a sustainable supply chain in India.

We have years of working relationship with most of our suppliers, but we are always on the lookout for new options to satisfy different needs.

Do you sell fabrics?

We offer certain low minimum organic cotton woven fabrics on a regular basis. However, other fabrics need to be developed.

You can access one of our textile plans to develop the fabric according to your needs.

Will you source fabrics for my production?

We will either source the fabric for you or will guide you in how and where to source the fabric. If you need to develop fabrics, then we recommend you go with one of our Textile Plans.

What type of products do you have experience with?

We can do men’s, women’s and children’s wear and accessories, both in woven or knit fabrics. We can source such products at different price points and quantities

Do you work with start-ups?

All the time! We have helped start-ups since the beginning. If you do not have much experience, we recommend you start with our Consultation Session and Book an Appointment.

I want to shift my production to be sustainable, how can you help me?

We have a special plan for this purpose specifically. You can either start with our Consultation Session or go straight to our Production Plans.

I already have my own suppliers, but need help on communicating or controling quality. How can you help?

Through our years of experience we have come across all kinds of needs. That is why we have devised different Production Plans for different needs. We do however, recommend we have a Consultation Session to detail how we can help you better.

Can you source dyeing, printing or embroidery?

We are tied up with different suppliers that can do all of the above at different quantities and techniques. We can do natural dyeing or sustainable (low impact dyes) dyeing. Block printing, screen printing and batik, among others. Our CEO was actually introduced into Fashion via embroidery teaching women different techniques she had learned from her mother. So Yes, we can also source embroidery work.

Sustainable Fashion

What fibers do you work with?

We work with Organic Cotton, Linen, Bamboo, Modal, Nettle, Silk and Wool.

Are the fabrics you source certified?

Certifications are available according to quantities. Generally with a minimum of 300M or 60Kg. This can change according to fibers.

Are your suppliers Fair Trade Certified?

Some of our suppliers are Fair Trade Certified, however, they demand high minimum quantities. Certifications are not accessible, due to cost, to micro-enterprises or artisanal workshops.

However, we do a conscious vetting of all our suppliers to ensure minimum ethical standards are met.

Do you work with natural dyes?

Yes, we specialize in natural dyes. We have 20 years experience working on productions with natural dyes.

Are the dyes you work with certified?

Natural dyes are not certified. However, we also work with low impact dyes certified by GOTS or Oeko-Tek, both for dyeing and printing.

Consultation Session

How long does a consultation session last?

Each consultation lasts 1 hour. If you need more time, you can book 2 consultation sessions in a row. There are no restrictions in the amount or frequency of consultation sessions.

Please be on time, so you can take advantage of every minute.

What topics will we discuss in the consultation session?

Topics can be anything you wish to discuss Fashion related. Try to stay on point so as to not waste your time and money.

How will the consultations take place?

Consultations can take place via Skype or Whatsapp. Any way book your appointment through the consultation page and specify your preferred form of communication.

How are payments done?

Payments can be done via Paypal or Credit Card at the time of booking your appointment. Payments can be refunded if the appointment is cancelled 48 hours in advance. Any cancellation within 48 hours of the start of the consultation session is non refundable.

How do I cancel an appointment?

Please send an email 48 hours before the session. Cancellations within the 48 hours before starting a consultation session are non refundable.

How do I change an appointment?

Send us an email as soon as possible and we will try to fit you in according to your new timings.

What time zone do I have to account for each session?

Our main office is based in India, but our consultation sessions are done from our base in the US (Eastern Time Zone).

Production & Textile Plans

How do Plans work?

Each plan is different and adaptable to your specific needs. We recommend you start with a consultation session in which we will discuss what plan suits you and your brand, if any. We can also tailor an specific plan for you.

In general terms, we act as a liaison between you and the supply chain in India. We will get involved as much as you want. Such involvement will be stated specifically within the terms and conditions. As you will have direct access to the supplier intrusions on your side during the production process can cause mistakes and delays and increase of cost of the product. We recommend you stay strict to the terms and conditions approved by all parties.

What does a Plan include?

Each Plan is different, even for each designer. We will send you Terms & Conditions of the Plan you have chosen for your approval before work starts.

When do I pay for a Plan?

Payments are to be done full before work starts. Only after accepting Terms and Conditions of each plan will we ask you to pay.

What are payment terms for your Plans?

Plans have to be payed full before work starts. Payment of plans does not include fabrics or other manufacturing products you do with us. Payment for fabrics, garments or other services done will be provided directly to the supplier according to their requirements.

Do Plans include tech-packs?

None of our current plans include tech-packs. This must be provided by you. Productions go swifter if all the information is properly explained and written down before hand. Changes in the middle of productions can cause mistakes, delays and an increase in cost.

Do Plans include visuals of the production process?

Our plans do not include visuals of the production process. If you want video or photography of the production process you can purchase our addon for that matter.

What if the production is delayed?

If the production is delayed due to the supplier or external reasons (e.g. weather, festivities, labour problems, etc.) we will see through your production all the way until the end.

If the production is delayed due to changes made by you, our involvement will be so according to the timings written down in the Terms & Conditions.

What type of suppliers do you work with?

We work with many type of suppliers, many of which we have long term relationships with. We deal with suppliers than can easily provide for large brands in terms of manufacturing garments as well as auto-loom wovens and high quality knits in different fibers.

But we take special pride to work also with micro-enterprises and artisan workshops all across the country.

Micro-enterprises are usually more suited for start-ups as their quantities are lower, however, they might lack certain certifications.

What are production minimums?

Minimums differ from suppliers and whether we are producing textiles or garments.

Basic minimum requirements for textiles are 300M for woven fabrics and 60Kg for knits. However, for certain fabrics we can lower minimums to 100M.

For garments and accessories it will depend with which manufacturer you want to produce. We can find a micro-enterprise that does only 25pcs x style, but as explained under certifications, that company would probably not be certified under GOTS or Fair Trade, for example.

What are the lead times?

When a production is finished depends on many factors. Only after your sample is ready for production can we provide with an estimate of how long will it take. It depends on number of styles, production quantity and the complexity of the garment or fabric.

We also need to take into consideration what is the current work load, holidays, festivities, etc.

How do you proceed with Quality Control?

We will evaluate quality control according if you are doing sampling or production with us. Whether it is garments or fabrics we will do quality control at different stages or the process.

But most importantly we will do a final inspection of the entire production before we send you your product.

Can I visit the production facility?

Yes, you can have a visit with the production facility as you will have access to them at all times. We encourage transparency in the supply chain.

Do you require to sign an agreement?

Yes, we will send you an agreement with the terms and conditions of the Plan you have chosen or we have tailored for you.

Other Questions

Do you have more specific question about us and our process?

We invite you to book an appointment for our 1hour Consultation Session were you will talk directly with our CEO Rubina Ansari. She has over 15 years experience in sustainable and ethical fashion in India and has help large brands and start-up step out of fast fashion.