Grey Melange Summer Knit

Quick overview

Working with natural dyes is not an easy task. Many things go wrong many times. So it is usual to see natural dyes related to the easiest fibers to dye, like animal fibers; i.e. wool or silk. Their absorbance is great and colours are bright. But with cotton is not as easy. Specially organic cotton, because it usually has more impurities. However, it has been established for some time that it is actually possible to use natural dyes in a reliable way. And their several successful brands in the market using them on a regular basis. But mainly on woven fabrics.

In order to dye knits using natural dyes, there has always been an issue with passing from hank form to cone form, as the dyes makes the thread harsh to a point that it is sometimes impossible to do the conversion. Note, we are not dyeing the fiber, but the hank.


Accomplishing to create a fabric that is Organic at all levels!

Product history

The wastage in naturally dyed knit from cotton hanks is around 10-15%. This is the reason why these kind of fabrics become relative costly. Relatively, because the environmental cost is reduced. Whereas there should be an environmental cost added to our regular cotton and regular dyes, this cost has never been introduced, and thus customers do not pay for that. Leaving rivers in Asian, African and South American countries contaminated.

The Designer

Melange is always an effect that either you like it or not. So we wanted to be bold and risky. And the fabric has not disappointed.