Sustainability in Fashion

With more than 15 years experience in sustainable fashion production in apparel and textiles, our objective is to help fashion brands achieve their goals of quality, pricing and minimums. Along the years we have tied up with a sustainable supply chain able to obtain a wide variety of fabrics and minimums.

Consultation Session

At The Caring Cotton, we are committed to provide sustainable fashion services for those looking to start in the industry or with limited manufacturing experience in India.

We look forward to educate in the intricacies of the Indian supply chain and provide valuable insights of a sustainable production process. So that you are prepared for future productions and you convey the same to your clients.

We shall go through guidelines that will help you move forward step by step and much more!

Sustainable fabric sourcing

Apparel Plans

Sourcing, developing and manufacturing your Production.

We believe in transparency and traceability. You should be able to know who produces your clothes and have direct contact with them. But we know of the difficulties of production and sourcing in India.

Choose among our different services to start-up your business in sustainable fashion, communicate with your suppliers, or take care of all the production process. We ensure sustainability, ethical compliance, transparency and quality.

In our search for transparency and traceability, we will help you establish a connection with our suppliers. And we will step in from the beginning, or halfway through, in order to finish your production.

Our priority is that both parties are happy and forgo a long-term relationship that can bring benefits to both sides.

Textiles Plans

We are full aware of the process of developing that beautiful fabric you have envisioned in your head. What material to use, where to source, what is the right price, the minimums, and so on…

Whether it is simply sourcing, weaving, printing or dyeing, we got you covered. We work with an extensive net of suppliers with eco-friendly processes and ethical concerns.

You chose whether you want us to develop the whole thing or simply guide you through the sampling process with the suppliers you have chosen.

Sustainable fabric services