Consultation Session

Whether you are starting a new brand or you are in the middle of a project, our consultations are a great way to steer you in the right direction, or help you out of a difficult situation.

Why are Consultations an important step?

Consultations are for those designers interested in a sustainable production and need to go through the different options or need advice or discouragement on the same.

It doesn’t matter at what stage are you in on your project. Information is vital to have a smooth sustainable production. And that is what we provide. Valuable insights on how and where to start. Which materials are available for my product and my budget. And most importantly where to source sustainable textiles. Who is going to to manufacture my production or how to handle a particular supplier.

You will be talking with our CEO Rubina, who has more than 15 years experience with start-ups and international brands. She knows the fashion business by being on site at manufacturing hubs as well as remote artisanal villages. Her keen knowledge on organic cotton and natural dyes are a plus for those who are looking to stir up the fashion industry.

Each consultation is 1hour long and can be done either via Skype or Whatsapp. You can book consecutive sessions or book different sessions on different dates.


Consultation Stages


You have an idea that you want to develop?

Need information on where to start and what information to trust? What materials are available? Who can you source from? Who can handle your production?

We will guide you in the right direction, in a way that it can suit your concept and your budget.


You have done your research and even started your project, but you have hit a wall or missing some information to help you finalize what you have started.

We are here to listen what you have to say and help you through guidance and information whenever needed.

Sustainability Shift

Your brand has been going on for some time but you want to make a shift towards a sustainable and ethical collection.

You need someone that is experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about sustainability.

Let’s us guide you in the process of making that happen with key information as to how and where to start.